FIS Student Evaluation

FIS Student Evaluation - Please provide your honest feedback.

January - Language Learning with Lucy(Nécessaire)
February - Storytelling with Karen(Nécessaire)
February - Culture with JP(Nécessaire)
Homestays with Kyle - Facing Danger with Elza - Homefront Dev. with Amy
March - Basics of Islam with Karim(Nécessaire)
March - Building bridges with Salah(Nécessaire)
April - Cultural Values with Rosa(Nécessaire)
Rosa did a lot of teaching with prerecorded videos - did you like this?(Nécessaire)

Hospitality with Jackie and Family on the field - Homefront Dev. with Jimmie - Security videos with Caleb and Bob
May - DISC with Paul and Edith(Nécessaire)
June - Approaches to Engaging with Muslims - Bert(Nécessaire)
June - DMM with Fred(Nécessaire)
Pioneering with Ashraf
August - Community Dev. with Dave(Nécessaire)
September - Beatitudes with JP(Nécessaire)
September - Project Planning with Heddy(Nécessaire)
September - Abroad and Healthy with Tim and Miranda(Nécessaire)
Edith in Mongolia - Seb on Homefront Dev.
October - Biblical Mandate with Erwin(Nécessaire)
November - BAM with Joe(Nécessaire)
Herman about Mco - Chris, Joelle and Fabian about BAM - Martha in J. - Article Discussion with Caleb
December - Power and Dominion with Cordula(Nécessaire)

One section down! Sa7a

Was there enough vacation weeks and were they spaced out well?(Nécessaire)

Was 6 hours of language a week enough?(Nécessaire)

How did you like class on Zoom?(Nécessaire)

Were you happy with Google classroom?(Nécessaire)

Community Life(Nécessaire)

How was the organization/schedule of the school?(Nécessaire)

Would you be interested in staffing at any point in the future?(Nécessaire)

Congrats, you finished! Thank you for your time and honest feedback. We will use this to improve future FIS'.

*Bonus question* Did you complete your last DBS Goal?

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